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  May 20, 2017     Person to Person     Yuki Sudo and Aakanksha Divakar  
I am sure I can make you happy. Nobady can win against me about my love to you.I will doy best to work for our future. When you finish your life,you will think you are really happy with me♡ From your fresh salmon Yuki
  May 19, 2017     Person to Person     Bob and radha  
Will you marry me Radha and be my little brown slut?
  May 19, 2017     Person to Person     Milton Pauta and Angelica rivera  
Angelica Rivera, love of my life, will you make me the happiest man alive by marrying me? ;)
  May 19, 2017     Person to Person     Angelina and Jonathan  
marry me?
  May 19, 2017     Person to Person     Henrique de lima and Giovanna Bettoni  
Querida Giovanna, você me daria a grande honra de se casar comigo?
  May 19, 2017     Person to Other     Olivia Dietzler and Mingseo Seo  
  May 19, 2017     Person to Other     irelyn mulvaney and Zac Efron  
  May 19, 2017     Person to Person     Igor Bratchenko and Margarita Timochovceva  
Will you Marry me?
  May 18, 2017     Person to Person     Lux and Ava  
Ava, you are the skeetiest skeeter in the whole world. Lets not cry and instead we shall craft in our fucking marriage. Love you I guess-Luxington
  May 18, 2017     Other to Other     Brandy Lott and CHANSE LOTT  
  May 18, 2017     Person to Person     Gen.Albert johnson and 日野繁美  
日野繁美,今日私は成熟した決定を下し、私の心に耳を傾けました。 私の心はいつもあなたの考えに満ちているので、私はそれに他のものを入れることはできません。 これは本当に何日か今の私を悩ませています。 だから私は自分の気持ちをあなたに知らせることに決めました。私たちはお互いにとても近いところにいました。私は結婚のためにあなたを提案するというアイディアを借りていました。 私はあなたと素晴らしい瞬間を過ごしました。あなたはいつも私の親友でした。 私はこの友情が生涯の約束に変わり、あなたが私の人生の一部になりたがってほしいと思っています。おそらくあなたは私が壮大な方法で質問をポップすることを期待していたかもしれませんが、私はあなたを公に提案するにはあまりにも恥ずかしいです。 しかし、私はあな
  May 17, 2017     Person to Other     Ante and Dragana  
  May 16, 2017     Person to Person     Pedro Paulo Paulino da Silva and Mariele Pereira Lima.  
Casa cmg sua linda
  May 16, 2017     Person to Other     Courtney and Andre  
  May 16, 2017     Person to Other     Heather Lust and Jeremy Neil  
  May 16, 2017     Person to Person     Senny Gellaco and Renae Rochelle  
I do
  May 16, 2017     Person to Person     Renae Rochelle Gellaco and Senny Brasher  
From the Moment my Heart sensed your presence ,it has done nothing but be excited.My attraction to you you is unexpressable but everyday I will try with a " I Love You !"Will you Marry me ?For better or for worseThru rich times and the poor times too?Till death dies us part ?I promise to be a good wife to you.I Love you more than I van expressPush I do and kiss me my Wife ! I do
  May 16, 2017     Person to Person     Celesta Dawn Tucker and Joshua Daniel Tucker  
Joshua Daniel Tucker, I know it hasnt been long, but I was once told you cant put a time frame on love. You can know someone your whole life and love them or you can know them your whole life and not love them not even one ounce. You can meet someone for the first time and love them fully. When I first met you I told myself that I wasnt going to fall for this guy. at least not for a long time anyways. But you broke down that wall I was building, and I am okay with that. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone, including myself. I dont know where I would be in this life if I hadnt met you. I know I have made a few mistakes, and Im sorry for that. But my love for you runs deeper then I have ever imagined it could run. Baby I want to make you my Husband to have, and to hold, forever, no matter what life throws our way, I want to be Mrs. Joshua Tucker!
  May 15, 2017     Person to Other     Renée Garner and Mc Donalds  
  May 15, 2017     Person to Person     Sudip Hati and Tapasi Mondal  
We love each other very much And we want to get married.
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