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  Aug 18, 2018     Person to Person     Anna Akin and Jaidan Bandle  
I promise to always be there for you, to hold your hand through thick and thin and be the person you can always rely on and fully depend on. For the rest of our lives which should be a thousand of days i promise to remind you of how much of an amazing human being you are each and every day, to make you wake up feeling loved and safe, eventually wake you up with a kiss and a smile on my face and to just fill that empty spot that youve been missing. ill always be by your side loving and pushing you with all my love care and support. ill always put you first and and consider your feelings and well being till the end of enternity. i love you bee bee xd rawr uwu
  Aug 17, 2018     Person to Person     Eduardo Vinicius Ribeiro Junior and Joyce Damaceno Silva  
Amor, quer casar comigo ?? TE AMOO
  Aug 17, 2018     Person to Person     Miriam Ramos Gómez and Sergio Nuñez Moscoso  
Hola mi amor, ya se que esto te parecerá una tontería, pero que mejor manera de declararte aún más mi amor, que casarme contigo de forma virtual, de la misma manera en la que nos conocimos. Cada día que pasa me haces mas feliz, yo solo sé que pudo ser destino o casualidad, pero aquí estas conmigo, te amo, como a nadie en este mundo. Te casarías conmigo virtualmente? 😊😊😇😇😍😍😘😘
  Aug 17, 2018     Person to Person     Carlos Renato and elizabeth kather  
My dear Elizabeth,I am taking a bold step today in penning down a big decision to follow my heart and express my deep feelings for you. This is not a rash decision as I have taken the time to ponder over it carefully. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me!!!All my loveCarlos
  Aug 16, 2018     Person to Person     Saksham Prakash and Ananya Dubey  
Hello DearIts been almost three years since the day we met. That tiny innocent face of yours, standing in the assembly line... Never had I ever imagined that Id end up with someone so beautiful yet so strong. Its a long road... so much to gain so much to achieve... and I want to share it with you.I do, and will always love you Ananya.Will you marry me?
  Aug 15, 2018     Person to Other     Marcy H. Wickham and Brandon Kleyla  
  Aug 15, 2018     Person to Person     Laura Billings and Raymond Miller  
I love you baby with all my heart and souls now and forever I am asking just once that we do this right will you marry me?
  Aug 15, 2018     Person to Person     Wank Invasion Official and Woman  
smh they adding too many letters to lgbtq, like just be gay or smth i don’t give a fuckthe b in lgbtbbq stands for digibro is a pedophile
  Aug 15, 2018     Person to Person     Chaitanya kumar and Nitisha Arya  
yoha..i have been in love with u for 4 years..and i know i m a difficult person to deal with..i want u to spend ur rest of the life with me as my wife.. i love u........marry me yoha!!!!
  Aug 14, 2018     Person to Person     Guillermo Antonio Zambrano Cedeño and Karen Deyaneira Parra Sanches que no llevamos mucho tiempo juntos, pero puedo sentir perfectamente que somos el uno para el otro, siento como cada parte de mi cuerpo te llama, como tu alma y la mía se conectan de una manera que jamas había sentido...eres el amor de mi vida, eso es lo único de lo que estoy seguro en este loco mundo...te amo...lo que quiero es pasar e resto de mi vida a tu lado...y se que tu quieres lo mismo...te casarías conmigo?
  Aug 14, 2018     Person to Other     Haven Shenski and Johnny Depp  
  Aug 14, 2018     Person to Person     Gabriela and Carol  
  Aug 14, 2018     Person to Person     Pamela Jill Chapman and Melvin Eugene Horn  
Would You Be My Beloved Husband!
  Aug 13, 2018     Person to Person     zella and andres  
hello bby, do u want 2 get married?yes or yesur stuck w me 4ev -*
  Aug 13, 2018     Person to Person     Emily Rose and Scott  
My dearest Scotty, I knew from the moment I swiped right I’d be marrying you. Please, I know we don’t know each other very super welll but I’m begging you accept my hand in marriage.
  Aug 13, 2018     Person to Person     Jewelann Houghtaling and Lance Beckwith  
Lets do it
  Aug 11, 2018     Person to Other     Kelsii. K and Jettison  
  Aug 11, 2018     Person to Person     Joseph Clifton and Gloria Carpenter  
  Aug 11, 2018     Person to Person     Teddy and Aya  
it s Teddy meu amor!
  Aug 11, 2018     Person to Person     jeff and david  
will you marry me?
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